Gymnastics Ireland Signs New Sponsors

Gymnastics Ireland has signed its second major sponsorship deal, on the eve of departure for the European Championships taking place in Glasgow.

The new deal is with Quatro Gymnastics who have become the official kit supplier to Gymnastics Ireland for the Championahips, all the way through the Tokyo 2020 cycle and beyond to 2021.

The company was founded in 2011 by Joanna Vazquez and is based in Swansea in Wales. They are exclusively a Gymnastics brand and in 2017 they sealed a deal to become the official supplier to the British Olympic team.

Gymnastics Ireland is their second major international contract.  It follows on from the sport signing its first major deal in January when Nestlé Cereals came on board.

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“Quatro is very excited to be Gymnastics Ireland’s new official kit sponsor. Gymnastics Ireland has been growing from strength to strength and we are honoured to be part of this fantastic journey with them,” said Vazquez.

“We know the dedication and commitment it takes for these gymnasts to be on the world stage. We feel it’s our duty to make sure these gymnasts are performing in world-class apparel to give them that extra confidence on the competition floor.”

“After meeting with Gymnastics Ireland and seeing their first class facilities we know that this will be a great partnership for many years to come.”

“What Gymnastics Ireland have done for the sport is a credit to the organisation and the results speak for themselves with the highest ever records of children taking part in the sport, as well as phenomenal international results.”

All of the gymnasts travelling to Glasgow for the European Championships will be wearing the kit and it will be seen during RTÉ Sport’s comprehensive coverage starting on Friday morning.

There will also be a replica kit produced which will no doubt prove a hit with the vast number of new young gymnasts joining the sport.

Speaking to Sport for Business earlier this year Gymnastics Ireland CEO Ciaran Gallagher told us that “We are one of the largest Olympic sports in the country with membership now which is heading towards 30,000.”

“It’s on a great consistent growth trajectory with new clubs springing up and a demand from children and parents.”

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Providing an opportunity to wear the same kit as stars like Rhys McClenaghan and Emma Slevin will be another boost in the same way as replica kits in GAA, Soccer and Rugby forge a closer connection.

“We are very excited by this new sponsorship deal with Quatro,” he added yesterday speaking at the Sport Ireland National Indoor Arena.

“In signing an official kit partner for Gymnastics Ireland we are confident our gymnasts will be stepping out on the international circuit in top quality attire and are very much looking forward to seeing the new kit designs making their international debut at the 2018 multi-sport European Championships in only a couple of days.”

“We are also very excited to develop a new replica range that will be available for purchase for all our members and Irish fans.”

“I would like to thank Joanna Vazquez and her team at Quatro for all their efforts and look forward to developing this partnership over the coming years.”


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Image Credit: Gymnastics Ireland

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