Gymnastics Breakthrough Nestlé Deal

Gymnastics Ireland has signed a breakthrough three-year sponsorship deal with Nestlé Cereals which lifts it closer to the top of the tree among sports in Ireland beyond the big four of Gaelic Games, Rugby, Football and Horse Racing.

It will be interesting to watch and see how the brand, with its massive exposure on the shelves of every retailer in the country will look to activate the partnership over the coming years.

Kelloggs have had a long association with the GAA through sponsorship of the Cúl Camps programme and the youthful bias of Gymnastics Ireland’s rapidly growing membership has obviously been a key reason for Nestlé to get involved.

Its brand portfolio includes Cheerios, Shreddies, Shredded Wheat and Go Free and the parent company employs nearly 800 staff on the island of Ireland.

Globally the brand has a long tradition of supporting a Healthy Kids initiative that has reached out to eight million children in 84 countries around the world.

It had a partnership with the International Amateur Athletics Federation which came to an end in 2016.

This is the first major sponsorship it has undertaken within Irish sport and full credit to Gymnastics Ireland for bringing such a prestigious brand to the market.

“We are very pleased to become the official sponsor of Gymnastics Ireland,” said Aisling Curran, Associate Marketing Manager for Nestlé Cereals Ireland.

“This sponsorship is further confirmation of our belief in supporting an active lifestyle.”

“Gymnastics Ireland is proud to have Nestlé Cereals on board,” added Gymnastics Ireland CEO Ciaran Gallagher.

“This is a landmark deal for the sport in Ireland and really demonstrates the ambition Gymnastics Ireland has to grow the sport throughout the country.”

“We believe that this investment will enable the further development of the sport and our organisation.”

“We see gymnastics as having a key role to play in the athletic development of young Irish people.”

European Medallist, Rhys McClenaghan from Bangor, Co. Down and National Junior Gymnast, Meg Ryan from Douglas, Co. Cork were on hand at the National Indoor Arena, Blanchardstown to announce Gymnastics Ireland three-year sponsorship deal with Nestlé Cereals.

“This partnership between Gymnastics Ireland and Nestlé Cereals is fantastic for the sport,” said McLenaghan.

“Gymnastics is such a great sport to be involved with for any young person. As well as teaching you the importance of commitment and dedication, it teaches you skills on and off the floor. It is great for all of us involved in Gymnastics Ireland to have Nestlé Cereals invest in the sport and with their support we can hopefully encourage more and more people to get involved with Gymnastics at whatever level most suitable to them.”

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