Hockey Dream Takes Flight Today

Ireland will go toe to toe with India this evening for a place in the Semi Finals of the Women’s Hockey World Cup.

The match gets underway at 6 PM and will be televised live on RTE2 with commentary from Ger Canning and Sarah Scott.

Peter Collins will introduce the programme from the studio in company with Kate Dillon and Lisa Jacob who will provide analysis at half time and after the game.

The team is made up of students, lawyers and a doctor and has come through a tournament where they are the only amateur group, already exceeding their world ranking of sixteen with wins in the group stage against the United States and India.

Team sponsors Softco, stepped up from supporting Monkstown Club to the national team only weeks before the tournament but are now reaping the benefit of worldwide exposure as we reported earlier in the tournament.

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A repeat of the group stage win over India would set up a scarcely believable World Cup semi Final against Spain who beat Germany last night.

That match would take place on Saturday afternoon while the final will take place on Sunday.

Quite what RTE Sport would do with that, given their almost blanket coverage of sport already over the weekend is anybody’s guess.

The team led by Katie Mullan who Sport for Business interviewed at a Bank of Ireland event with UCD Sport back in October when this was just a dream, will be doing everything in their power to make the question relevant.

Come on you Girls in Green…


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Image Credit: Inpho Photography

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