Hockey Progress On Line Against England

Hockey has a chance to grab the public attention once more at 1-30 this afternoon when the irish National Men’s team face England with progression to the knock out stages of the World Cup on the line.

It doesn’t get much bigger and with both sides having already lost to Australia and drawn with China, it is likely to be a cagey and close affair.

Ireland against England in a World Cup would normally have a sharp edge but this is even more so in Hockey with three Ulster born players lining out for England and two brothers facing each other with Paul Gleghorne in Green and his brother Mark in white.

David Ames switched from Ireland to England and wil have raised the temperature yesterday being quoted as saying that “We have got better at knowing that they are not as bad as we think and we need to make sure that we are ready.”

England did beat Ireland in August at the Women’s World Cup group stage but we had already qualified at that stage, en route to the Final.

The game today matters for both sides. Given scoring difference against Australia Ireland only need a draw to progress where a win is almost certain to be needed unless the earlier game between China and Australia ends in a shock win for China.

The games gates underway on BT Sport as part of the eir Sport package at 1.30 this afternoon though if you cannot get to a screen to watch live there is sure to be something of a #GreenArmy frenzy on twitter.


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