Hockey Sponsorship Expected Today

An announcement is expected today about a major new commercial backer coming in to support the Irish Women’s Hockey development programme.

Softco announced the extension of their backing for the Senior international team at the end of last year, following on from the dramatic success of reaching the World Cup Final in July and earning the vote as the nation’s favourite team in the RTÉ Sports Awards.

We will bring you news on social media this morning and in greater detail from the announcement on Sport for Business through the day.

This is the first of what we expect to be a pair of major sponsorship announcements taking place this week involving ‘challenger sports’ and indicating the depth of appeal for commercial support of sport beyond the traditional stronghold of the ‘Big Three’ sports.

Join us on May 31st for a morning of exploring Irish sports sponsorship and seeing some of the most exciting projects coming down the tracks from 16 different sporting bodies over the next 12 months

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