Home for the Heroes

O'Donovan Homecoming RowingThe O’Donovan’s came home to Skibbereen last night and kicked off a massive party celebrating their achievements at the Olympics and the World Championships.

An estimated crowd of 10,000 was expected in the west Cork town but Paul thought it was closer to ‘a million’ on RTE news last night, with that familiar smile and twinkle that have propelled them to the top of Irish sporting heroes.

Gary suggested they’d be back training in a couple of weeks, amid returning to college, but neither was seemingly to the fore in their minds last night as they paraded through the town and then stood on stage as the crowd did an impromptu thunder clap similar to that made famous by the Iceland footballers and fans at the Euro’s.

There will be events in Cork on Wednesday night and at UCD in Dublin on Friday but home is Skibbereen and this was always likely to be special.

Fair play to two brands both of whom sought to capture the moment by producing specially commissioned t-shiorts that were given away free to the crowds. Nissan supported the brothers through their Generation Next campaign over the past year and backed that up with red shirts last night adorned with #PullLikeaDog.

The local credit union were also at the top of their game creating yellow and green shirts bearing the Gary and Paul’s crew motif. These had been on sale for €15 over recent days with proceeds going to support the Skibbereen Rowing Club.

Image Credit: Sportsfile

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