Horse Racing Ownership Reaches Out

Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) has launched a standalone website dedicated to the promotion of racehorse ownership at all levels in Ireland.

The site is also home to a very well produced new promotional video (below) which highlights the ownership experience.

The website provides potential owners with all they need to know in relation to taking the first steps into racehorse ownership.

Key features include searching potential trainers by location and cost; a design application to view selected racing colours; an information section for potential owners based outside of Ireland and details on membership opportunities for various racing syndicates and clubs.

This is the first phase of the website, additional interactive features will be added over the coming months.

The site is easy to find your way around and answers pretty much all the questions a potential owner or group of friends might have in their minds taking this first step into the exciting world of racehorse ownership.

Sport for Business experienced it first hand gathering a group of colleagues to get involved in a horse earlier this year and will be doing so again in the near future.

The website addresses lots of areas ranging from the excitement to the cost, the process of registration to that of selecting colours. Users can also request a complimentary information pack on racehorse ownership detailing what each person should consider and expect.

“One of the key pieces of feedback from the Horse Racing Ireland Owner Survey in 2016 was the need for additional information to be available to owners starting out,” said Amber Byrne, HRI Owner Recruitment Manager.

“This is the first stand-alone website HRI has introduced solely for racehorse owners. The new website acts as a single online information source with a wealth of material displayed in an easy to read format.”

“While new and existing owners can, of course, always contact us directly we hope will become an important promotional asset for the industry.”

“We are looking forward to adding more interactive features to the site down the line which should benefit owners, trainers and breeders.”

“Through the video we wanted to tell the ownership story and go behind the scenes. Ownership is more than a race. It is about your relationship with your trainer, your fellow owners, visits to the yard, planning the race campaign and the build up to the race day. It is a team sport with owners and their horses at the heart of it.”

We can vouch for that as being an experience which makes you a King for a day and who knows where the journey might end up.  Syndicate owned horses have won the biggest races at the Cheltenham and Punchestown Festivals as well as Grand Nationals and prize money that has run to hundreds of thousands.

The value of your investment can, of course, go down as well as up but this is one way to spend on entertainment, for those with a few euro’s set to one side, that can produce a thrill like few others.

Horse racing Ireland, Leopardstown Racecourse and the Galway Races are among the more than 220 organisations that play an active part of the Sport for Business community.  

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