Intel’s Drone Show at Pyeongchang

Here’s what a sponsorship activation might look like if there was an unlimited budget on investment, and more importantly on imagination, but with one important caveat.

The drone light show that intel delivered for TV viewers at the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony set a world record for being undertaklen by 1,200 drones carefully managed and sequenced by a pretty specialist team.

As with so much in the field of entertainment though all was perhaps not as it might have seemed. In fact, the footage above was recorded in a full dress rehearsal that took place in December.

This was the basis of what was shown to TV viewers around the world and if those present didn’t quite recognise what happened live when they got to watch the replays there was a good reason.

The quirks that can undo the best-laid plans were multiplied on the night by weather concerns and by the large crowd that would be gathered live in the Pyeongchang Arena to watch the ceremony.

The fear of one errant drone crashing to earth into an Arena of Olympians and supporters was too much of a risk for the organising committee and so they went with one that was prepared earlier.

That doesn’t take away from the glory of what was put together, nor from the potential in terms of broadcast and athlete engagement that will be delivered over the next six years of Intel’s’ partnership with the Olympic movement.

It’s just a part of our modern tech-driven world where perception is perhaps more important than reality.

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