Ireland to Host Euro U21’s in 2021

It appears the Ireland is on the verge of announcing the hosting of the UEFA U21 European Championships in football.

An announcement is expected to take place at Windsor Park in Belfast tomorrow morning but numerous sources are reporting that this will be to announce the award and not just a proposed bid for the tournament.

It will be a joint hosting across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and will doubtless as a result get caught up in the discussions around Brexit but will hopefully become a real life example of how events can take place on the island of Ireland fueled by the will of fans and organisers.

The Women’s Rugby World Cup took place on a similar shared basis last year, albeit with a single Organising body in the IRFU. The proposed hosting of the Men’s version was also on an All-Ireland basis.

Reports are suggesting that Windsor Park in Belfast will host the Final of the tournament in 2021, and that it will be grounds including Tallaght Stadium, and the RDS that would host games in the Republic.

Windsor Park was wholly redeveloped between 2014 and 2018 and now has a capacity of 18,000.

The Aviva Stadium which will host four matches in the 2020 UEFA European Championships is not believed to be part of the host line up in 2021.

Staging the Championships here in 2021 would make Ireland unique in hosting three UEFA tournaments in successive years with the U17 Championships taking place here for 16 teams in the summer of 2019.

The confirmation of venues for 2019 has yet to be made though a spread across venues is likely.

If it does come to pass as appears likely it will be a remarkable achievement for the FAI, this time in partnership with the IFA in the North.

Sport for Business will be there in Belfast when a scheduled press conference takes place to confirm details tomorrow.

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