Ireland’s Greatest (Sporting?) Moment

It’s decision time tonight on the question which has sparked as many conversations in sporting circles over the past four weeks as any other.

It was never scientific, would always raise accusations of bias and “sure they would say that, wouldn’t they” but was not expected to kick off another Joe Brolly feud, this time with Barry McGuigan.

But that’s entertainment and the viewing figures have certainly justified this raid on the archives of the national broadcaster as well as the memory banks of the nation.

Yes, there are children looking at this and commenting on how tight those shorts were or wondering where is Conor McGregor in all this but it’s a moment in time and tonight which discover which one is the real moment for our times.

The stars who made the moments will be in studio to relive their respective achievements. Des Cahill and Evanne Ni Chuilinn will be joined by Padraig Harrington, Ray Houghton, Ronnie Whelan, David O’Leary, Packie Bonner, Tony Ward and Jimmy Bowen.

Eamon Dunphy, Ted Walsh, Donal Lenihan and Sonia O’Sullivan will also be looking back on the past five weeks and picking their favourite moment.

It will all build to a tense moment when Italia ’90 rolls through as the one split second that defines so many of our memories and is argued in places to have been the catalyst for the nation we have become.

Maybe sport isn’t really that important in the greater scheme of things but look at the faces of the fans tonight, remember where you were or ask your parents where they were and they will remember everything.

Irelan’s greatest sporting moment, it may be even more than that you know.

Viewers will have the opportunity to vote via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS or via Voting lines will open at 9.45pm and close at 10.50.

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