Ireland’s Olympians – Heather Boyle

To mark the Olympics that would have been taking place in Tokyo right now we have joined up with the sponsors of our Olympics Coverage on Sport for Business Indeed, to bring to life a series of interviews with those who would have played a part in Team Ireland’s participation.

Over the time we should have been enthralled by their exploits we are meeting the athletes, the officials, the support teams and others who would have played their part in the Olympic story of 2020 and will do so again in 2021.

In the latest interview this morning, we meet Heather Boyle, Head of Communications for Team Ireland and the Olympic Federation and who will be a key player in getting the story of the Games back to Ireland and around the world.

Heather has worked in a media liaison role at the Paralympic Games in London and Beijing and was putting the finishing touches to accreditation and planning on how to tell the story of Tokyo when the pandemic struck and the preparation time got stretched.


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