Irish Diet Boost from Nutritics Survey

A major international analysis dietary intake records conducted by Nutritics has shown that sugar consumption among Irish men has fallen six percent in the last year and for women, it has dropped by five percent.

The Irish company has analysed the records of over 42,000 users of the service, 6,000 in Ireland and 36,000 from clients in 140 countries around the world.

It found that Irish men as a whole are making better food choices compared to their counterparts across the globe, with a 12.2 percent reduction in salt intake the most notable of the improvements.

Calorie intake for men in Ireland is down by 5.9 percent versus a 2.2 percent increase around the world while fat intake is down by 8.7 percent and saturated fat by 7.6 percent.

The figures for women are also moving in the right direction with calories down by 1.6 percent, fat by 3 percent and salt by 4.7 percent.

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“The trends identified as part of our review indicate that the public health initiatives undertaken by the industry and government are positively influencing dietary consumption,” said Nutritics Chief Operating Officer Stephen Nolan.

“As we move into 2018, we expect these trends to continue as consumers increasingly demand healthier product formulations and nutritional transparency.”

Some of the success in the improvement of food intake and understanding is being attributed to successful initiatives by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland and the Healthy Ireland Initiative which have raised awareness of the importance of food as a detailed and changeable component of long-term health.

On the back of the food survey, Nutritics are also today launching a new artificial intelligence driven app for nutrition management caller Libro.

Downloadable onto smartphones, food can be entered by voice control or barcode scanner as opposed to the more familiar keyboard entry and the app recognises and advises how individual meals and recipes can be improved to make small but important changes to how we eat.

The new Libro app is available from today on the iPhone and Android app stores on a restricted basis to supplement the Nutritics software platform and is available to people working with an accredited nutrition professional to track their health and lifestyle goals.

Members of the public will be able to use the application free of charge under their nutritionist or dietician’s care, and it is expected that access will roll out to the general public in time.

“Over the past five years, we have developed innovative software to manage recipes, analyse diets & activity, and created meal plans for professionals in healthcare, education, food services, food manufacturing, and elite sport,” said CEO Damian O’Kelly who founded the company in 2013 with his brother Ciarán. In 2017 they were named as Ireland’s Emerging Technology Company of the Year.

“Today, we take that innovation a step further with the new Libro app, to take nutritional analysis direct to the consumer and empower better food choices for everyone.”

“Libro will help you track everything from your sleep, IBS, breastfeeding schedule, blood sugar levels, and hundreds of other things and is not just diet & exercise assistant but a truly innovative daily assistant to support everyday life.”

For consumers eating out, Libro pulls in local food and restaurant data from the Nutritics’ food industry platform to make tracking meals easier than ever before.

The food business operators registered with Nutritics’ menu management product can calculate the nutrition and allergens of their recipes, and communicate this to their customers by displaying this information as a QR code which, when scanned by a phone reveals the digital menus and printed food labels, helping them comply with food law.

It is great to see a strong Irish company making such advances in this critical area of worldwide health management.

Nutritics have been a long time member of the Sport for Business community and work with the Irish Institute of Sport helping athletes prepare for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, as well as with the same organisations across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the Aspire Academy in Qatar and with Premier League Clubs Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Leicester, Burnley and Everton.

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