Irish Show wins Major Radio Award

An RTE radio drama, inspired by real-life events in the lives of young women in the Irish Muslim community has won the Silver Art Deco trophy in the prestigious New York Festival of Radio Awards for 2018.

The production, Veiled, broadcast on the Drama on One slot on RTE 1 radio was directed by Gorretti Slavin and written by Louise Lewis and featured young Muslim women from the Sport Against Racism Ireland, Hijabs and Hat Tricks operational programme and their friends.

The ensemble that included professional actors, broadcasters and musicians tells the story of the lives of the young women in a society that is often hostile to them and how, through bonding together in sporting activity and the arts, they were able to build resilience and a sense of solidarity to allow them to overcome the triple discrimination of Islamophobia, racism and sexism.

The award is a recognition of the important work undertaken by SARI which often goes unseen but nevertheless creates great impact.

The play was first broadcast in June 2017 and you can listen to it here.


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