Irish Sport Social Media Report – June 2019

In June 2019, four new organisations were added to the Irish Sport Social Media Report. The four Irish provincial rugby teams increased the total number of organisation analysed to 29.

Between them across the month of June, the 29 organisations analysed as part of the monthly Sport for Business / Olytico analysis, published over 9,700 social media posts across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, an increase of 45 per cent on the month of May.

The 9,702 posts generated over 1.6 million engagements in the form of likes, shares, comments and retweets – an increase of 47 per cent compared to the 1.1 million engagements in May.

Activity increased across all three platforms from May levels, with content published on Twitter rising the most, 59 per cent month on month.

This was followed by Instagram, with 43 per cent more posts in June, and Facebook, which increased by 12 per cent.

Across all three platforms, there were almost 3,000 more posts when compared to May though this does include the additional four organisations.

Instagram continues to have the biggest impact in terms of engagement, with over 1.1 million likes and comments generated – representing 71 per cent of the total engagement across all three platforms, up 2 per cent from May.

In June, the Golfing Union of Ireland almost doubled their average engagement per post on Facebook, moving them to the third most engaged Facebook page this month.

This was driven by a single post highlighting James Sugrue’s win at the Amateur Championship in Portmarnock, highlighting the fact that it doesn’t have to be the highest profile of events, players and tournaments that can deliver for a sporting organisation.

For the seventh month in a row, the FAI was at the top of the engagements chart on Twitter, including the most engaged post of any organisation – an “on this day” tweet showcasing Robbie Brady’s goal against Italy this day three years ago.

The GAA retained top spot on Instagram for the third month in a row.

In the infographics below, we have ranked each of the organisations across a range of metrics on each network, including the most active, the most engaged and the most engaging content.

It’s important to note that this analysis is based on publicly available data. It doesn’t include any analysis or insight on paid or promoted content.


The FAI continued to top the charts when it came to engagement levels on Twitter in June with an average engagement rate of 276.

This included the most engaged with piece of Twitter content in June – an “on this day” tweet showcasing Robbie Brady’s goal against Italy this day three years ago that generated 5,411 likes and 1,150 retweets.

Munster Rugby, a new inclusion to the analysis, was the second most engaged with organisation on Twitter. Their top tweet announced the appointment of Stephen Larkham to the Munster coaching staff and generated 1,299 likes and 146 retweets.

The Camogie Association jumped 13 places to become the most active organisation in June. This increase in activity was driven by posts highlighting the Liberty All Ireland Camogie Championship. The most engaged with content for the organisation in June congratulated players voted “Player of the Week”.


The GAA maintained top spot as the most engaged with organisation on Instagram in June, their 20 posts generating an average engagement of over 5,100.

Popular posts from The GAA in June included congratulating Roscommon on becoming Connacht SFC Champions, as well as a post highlighting Kerry as 2019 Munster SFC champions.

The FAI maintained their position in second place, increasing their average engagement per post by 14% month on month.

The top piece of content in June came from the FAI. The post highlighted Shane Duffy’s equalising goal against Denmark and included several photos of Duffy’s celebration. The post generated 15,000 likes and 141 comments.

Team Ireland jumped from the 16th spot to become the most active Instagram account in June – posting 132 times, a 1550 per cent increase from May. The increase in activity was driven by Ireland’s success at the European Games, with the team coming away with 7 medals.


The FAI jumped from 3rd place in May to become the most engaged-with organisation in June, more than doubling their average engagement. The organisation drove over 500 likes, shares or comments on average per post.

The FAI shared a total of 59 posts during the month, including the most engaging piece of content from any of the 29 organisations – a link to a match report from Ireland’s Euro 2020 draw against Denmark.

The post generated 2,615 likes, 97 comments and 203 shares.

It was followed closely in second place by another post from the FAI highlighting Ireland U21’s qualification for a semi-final spot in Toulon. The post received 2,479 likes, 71 comments and 191 shares.

The GAA continues to be the most active organisation on Facebook with a total of 502 posts – an increase of 14 per cent on May.

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