Irish Tote Stepping Up Services

From early August, account betting on Irish Tote pools will be through a new website – with Tote Ireland customers required to register for a new account on the new website to continue betting on Irish Tote pools online.

This new website will allow a single unified online betting pool for Irish and UK Tote customers and will give customers improved online service with new products including an instant Tote Guarantee (Best Price Guarantee) on all Irish racing, meaning the Irish Tote will pay the industry Starting Price (SP) or bigger on all winning bets.

Irish racing fans will be able to enjoy Tote Ten To Follow for the 2020/2021 National Hunt season which will have an estimated prize fund of €200,000.

Tote Ireland and the UK Tote will offer full support to customers to make the transition to the new website as easy as possible. Customers will also receive welcome offers to re-register their account on the new website.

Full telephone customer support will be offered on the new platform though there will no longer be a telephone betting service.

Tote Ireland has commenced contacting account holders directly to inform them of these changes. Meanwhile, continues to operate as normal, allowing customers to bet on Irish and international pools.

“This is an important step in the renewal of Tote,” said General Manager Ross Kierans.

“The online betting environment is a very competitive one and by partnering with the UK Tote we can ensure that customers enjoy a first-rate online experience when playing on Irish pools while also supporting Irish racing by having their bets with us via the new website.”

“We are also very excited to be announcing a Ten To Follow competition and an instant Tote Guarantee (known as Best Price Guarantee) for Irish customers in 2020. Rest assured we will do everything we can to help customers with the re-registering process.”

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