Irish Winning Shots on World Stage

Ireland had another winner on the global sporting stage over the weekend when Sportsfile photographer Stephen McCarthy took second place in the sports category at the prestigious World Photographer of the Year Awards.

The picture above was taken at the Rotorua Stadium on the British and Irish Lions Tour of New Zealand in the summer of 2017.

The competition considered a staggering 73,044 images from 4,585 photographers in 125 countries around the world and Sport is one of eight categories to be recognised.

McCarthy’s work will now be part of an annual exhibition that will travel to 45 countries over the next year and be included in the annual yearbook.

We are fortunate indeed to have the teams of photographers at Sportsfile and Inpho Photography working to capture the moments that define sport in Ireland and around the world.

Ray McManus and Billy Stickland, as principals of the two companies, are wonderful photographers in their own right and have created an environment in which young talent can flourish.

To gain such recognition on a world stage is a testament to the quality of McCarthy’s work but also that of his colleagues on the side of the pitch and wherever sport is played.

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Image Credit: Stephen McCarthy, Sportsfile.

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