Jockey’s Secure Insurance Sponsorship to 2022

The Irish Jockeys Association has signed a three year deal with Comer Group International which will cover the cost of providing career-ending insurance for all members of the Association.

The insurance scheme, which has been in place for four years, guarantees that all IJA members, should they suffer a career-ending injury, will be fully insured and offers them and their families greater financial security for their retirement than any other previous scheme.

In return, the jockeys will carry the Comer Group International logo on their breeches.

The original scheme, introduced by the Irish Jockeys Association, providing a policy of career-ending insurance was funded by the jockeys themselves at their own considerable cost. As part of this new partnership, Comer Group International has agreed to take over that existing premium for a three-year period.

“Comer Group International are delighted with the opportunity to support members of the Irish Jockeys Association and very much look forward to working together for the welfare of jockeys over the coming years,” said Luke Comer announcing the deal at the Galway Races.

“From my own deep interest and experience of the industry, I fully understand the risks that these riders take on a daily basis every time they go out on a horse and we are delighted with the opportunity to support them through this insurance scheme which gives some additional protection to riders and their families.”

“The importance of this insurance scheme cannot be emphasised enough,” added Andrew Coonan, Secretary of the Irish Jockeys Association.

“During the course of the last three years in which we have had this cover, we have seen a number of riders whose careers have been cut short through injury. Fortunately, the insurance we now have in place provided them with some vital finance while trying to re-establish new careers.”

“Without the invaluable support of Comer Group International, it might not have been possible to continue with this scheme. We are delighted that such an internationally successful company has agreed to link up with our jockeys and thank Luke and Brian Comer for their generous support.”

“I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to have the career-ending insurance in place,” said Champion National Hunt Jockey Paul Townend.

“You only have to look at racing this week to see how any of us are only a fall away from our careers ending. To have this insurance just gives that little bit more security to help us deal with the financial disaster of a career cut short. As you can imagine the cost of this type of insurance is very high and it is a great credit to Comer Group International that they have stepped forward to help us and given such a big commitment and vote of support to jockeys.”

Image Credit: Healy Racing Photography

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