Joey and the Giant Blueberry

OK, so we know that Joe Schmidt goes to some extraordinary level of detail in the preparation of his teams but surely getting Joey Carbery to practice handling skills using a giant Blueberry is just a bit too much.

Thankfully for the player’s sanity, Joe was nowhere near this photo shoot with James Crombie on Inpho. Instead, it was the team from Avonmore Protein Milk that was getting fruity in promoting the fact that there is a new flavour Protein Milk in their range.

You wonder was it the kind of idea that somebody said as a joke which then just carried on through when people started nodding rather than smiling.

Then again that’s what we are talking about from the picture and now we all know that Blueberries are on the menu.

Carbery was also talking about the downtime he has had since Munster’s end to the season in May and about the new coaching ticket that is being assembled by the province.

We just never got to ask what they thought about the benefits of a blueberry approach to offloads…


Image Credit: James Crombie,

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