Kearney Backing Euro Milk Campaign

Rob Kearney has signed with the National Dairy Council and the European Milk Forum to support the Irish leg of a European campaign focused on encouraging Irish consumers to drink more quality milk from Europe.

The pan-European campaign is being implemented to highlight the importance of milk as an important dietary building block at all stages of life, from childhood growth and development to post-workout recovery.

Funded by the European Union, the campaign is being implemented locally by the National Dairy Council and will include a marketing campaign and advertising with TV airing later this year.

Supporting the campaign theme of “Everything starts with milk,” Kearney credits his upbringing on his family’s dairy farm for helping him form healthy habits such as drinking milk daily which have contributed to his career.

“Growing up on our family farm, milk and dairy was always an important part of our diet. I have worked with the National Dairy Council for a number of years and am a great supporter of milk and dairy as part of a healthy, balanced diet,” he said.

A glass of milk offers an abundance of electrolytes in a fluid form to assist rehydration and provides a number of vitamins and minerals with important roles for health including calcium, phosphorous, and potassium to support bone health, iodine to contribute to normal cognitive brain function, vitamin B2 to assist with energy release, and vitamin B12 to support normal functioning of the immune system.

“Eating well is essential and adapting your nutritional intake to your sport is a necessity. In-season or out of season, as well as pre-, during and post-performance, all influence our nutritional considerations,” added Kearney.

“With Rob’s dairy farming heritage and outstanding career to date as a performance athlete, he reinforces the campaign’s message that incorporating milk into a healthy diet from a young age is an important practice for aspiring champions,” said Jeanne Spillane, Marketing Manager at the National Dairy Council.

“An inspirational figure for the campaign’s younger audiences – many who have their own fitness and athletic goals – Rob’s career trajectory proves that milk plays a vital role within a sports nutrition regime and we look forward to working alongside him to develop engaging content, activities and appearances throughout the year.”


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