Leadership as part of Gender Debate in Sport

The second instalment of the Olympic Federation of Ireland Gender Equality in Sport Online Series will discusses leadership and the importance of achieving gender balance at decision making level in sport.

The show is the second episode in the four part series where leaders from the sporting arena, decision-makers, and influencers discuss their personal experiences and offer insights into how to ensure that sport is a gender inclusive environment.

This week’s session takes place today, Wednesday, July 15th and steps outside the field of play with a line up of a diplomat, a soldier and the chef de mission for the Irish Olympic team.

Sports Journalist Cliona Foley will be the MC for the event which will run from 2 pm to 3 pm.

Registration in advance is essential and you can do that from this link.

The speakers:

DR. JENNIFER CASSIDY is a lecturer in Global Governance and Diplomacy at the University of Oxford and is a respected and recognised speaker in the area of digital diplomacy, women in leadership and feminist foreign policy. She published the first edited volume on Gender and Diplomacy: Theory and Practice. The volume provides a detailed discussion of the role of women in diplomacy and crafts for its readers a global narrative of understanding relating to their current and historical role within it. Outside out of academia realm, Jennifer has served as a diplomatic attaché to Ireland’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations (New York), European Diplomatic Service to the Kingdom of Cambodia, and Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Headquarters during its Presidency of the Council of the European Union

DEIRDRE CARBERY is a former Lieutenant in the Irish Army, Security Strategist and Gender Advisor for World Health Innovation Summit. She has a comprehensive background in gender, diversity and inclusion with the UN and NATO to progress the Women, Peace and Security Agenda internationally. Carbery joined the Irish Army in 2004 and prior to retiring from the military she held numerous appointments at home and overseas including her role as Gender and Child Protection Advisor. In 2018 she was awarded with the Mission Gender Champion Award and was recognised by the UN Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations as a Military Gender Advocate for 2018 for her work in mainstreaming a gender perspective throughout planning and operational activities.

TRICIA HEBERLE is Team Ireland’s Chef de Mission for Tokyo 2020, having already worked as the Chef de Mission for the European Games in Minsk last summer. She is the Lead Consultant and Company Director with ‘Success Leaves Clues’ Sports Consultancy, through this work she facilitates, educates and supports organisations and key leaders and managers to plan, deliver, monitor and review high performance and sport development and performance. Heberle’s road to leading Team Ireland to the Olympics is vast and varied, including her competition days as an Olympian in hockey with Australia, and assistant hockey coach at the Olympic Games in Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000

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