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Internet distractionThe internet is a wonderful and varied source of knowledge but what impact does its diversity have on our ability to actually learn.

Sport for Business seeks to gather together the best of sporting partnerships from around the world and present them in a way that is relevant for you as a sporting organisation or a business that wants to engage its audiences through sport.

We do the sifting and the discovery so that you can take time to read one as opposed to many sources, in a way that is more likely to deliver, and less likely to set you off on a wild goose, or in this case, cat chase.

If you are unsure about the value of curated content to your ability to think and lead, this three minutes and fifty two second video may be time well spent…


Sport for Business is a subscription based community that develops innovative ideas to bring sport and business closer together with many mutual benefits

Sporting organisations and businesses can avail of membership of Sport for Business for a monthly subscription that costs between €50 and €90, depending on size.  

In return you get unique intelligence and analysis of the commercial world of Irish sport; a monthly programme of networking events enabling them to connect with sporting and business leaders and a platform to showcase your projects in sport. Click here to find out more.

Sport for Business articles are free to view for a time limited period before being added to our comprehensive archive of over 1000 articles on the commercial world of Irish sport.

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