Leinster Rugby Shows Its Heart

The European Champions Cup will be on display at tomorrow’s Guinness PRO14 semi-final in the RDS Arena but neither side will have that front and centre stage in their minds.

Additional seating has been erected at the ground and while fewer Munster fans than expected will be in attendance the place will be packed with Blue.

The fans will have Bank of Ireland on their Leinster jerseys, though the players will be wearing the logo of the Irish Heart Foundation.

This is the Leinster end of a commitment to both provinces in action tomorrow in support of the Bank’s partnership with the Irish Heart Foundation helping to train 300,000 teenagers in the practice of CPR.

The Munster team wore the same branding on Easter Sunday in the Champions’ Cup Quarter Final, a spectacular game and this week it is the turn of Leinster.

Fans are being asked to donate €4, which Bank of Ireland will match up to €80,000 to support the campaign across the country.

“The two objectives of the support have been to create awareness and raise money for the training programme, which will give this vital skill to 300,000 young people,” said Bank of Ireland Sponsorship Manager Gemma Bell.

“This game once again promises to be very special in more ways than just the result on the pitch.”

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