Live Round Table Take Away’s

The third of Sport for Business’ Members Round Table events took place yesterday looking at the changing nature of the Live Experience at sporting events.

We kicked off with a compelling presentation from Simon Long of Nielsen Sports on research which they have drawn from events around the world on the changing nature of consumption, the broadening of interests and shallowing of intensity of those interests and the way in which brands and venues are adapting to changing behaviour.

The group who joined us included representatives from the GAA, FAI, Cricket Ireland, Basketball Ireland, Vodafone, the Galway Races, Richard Tierney Management, Line Up SME, the Curragh Racecourse and Nemeton TV, all of whom contributed greatly to a vibrant debate over two hours.

As with all our Round Table events the greatest benefit lies in being a full part of the conversation but here are a few short take aways from the discussion which give a flavour of what we covered.

  • The event itself has to be front and centre stage. In the music world all sponsorship activation has to be approved as being especially relevant to the act.
  • There is likely to be a backlash against the trend towards ‘heads down’ engagement where you spend more time talking about being at an event on social media than actually experiencing it.
  • Timing is an issue for Irish events in particular as opposed to the US where the experience takes place over a wider timeframe than the start and finish of the game.
  • The Brooklyn Nets recently experimented with a game where they did a digital detox, removing all screen activity in the stadium and focusing on enjoying the game ‘ the way it used to be’. The experience drew mixed response with an age bias evident among those who felt it was an improvement in terms of engaging with the game and your friends and those who were lost without replays, organ music and the rest.
  • We need to build the experience of being there in every way as being so important that you as a fan are afraid of missing out. Darts was held up as a great example of how this has been cultivated.
  • Data on those who attend is crucial but still in its infancy. being able to communicate with attendees from time of ticket purchase through the journey top and from the game is an ideal we should be chasing after.
  • Sometimes its simple real world benefits that have the biggest impact, such as priority queuing.
  • Without ‘over digitising’ we cannot ignore that the number of devices we use in terms of communication will rise from 3.6 to 4.3 over the next four years.

Thanks to all those who took time out of their day to  join us to both learn and share on how together we can work better to make the live experience one that works for us all.

Our next two Round Table events will be as follows.  Please do let us know if you would like to be part of these conversations.

Wednesday May 3rd – Decision Making Through Data

I would be interested in taking part*

Wednesday May 31st – ‘Snapchatting’ Sport

I would be interested in taking part*

*Sport for Business Round Table events are limited to only around a dozen participants and are intended for those members who are most willing to make an active contribution to the debate. If you would like to host a Sport for Business Round Table on a particular subject of interest to sport and business please do let us know.

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