Live for Ireland Vs Russia

Sport for Business will be live this morning from Andrews Lane in Dublin where we will be watching Ireland take on Russia in the Rugby World Cup live on a big screen surrounded by social media reaction, and a host of sporting and business leaders.

We are partnering with Salesforce to bring the game to life in a live environment for those who have not made it to Kobe.

We have also been running a simple to enter competition where you can win an official Irish Rugby World Cup jersey, courtesy of our friends at Life Style Sports.

All you have to do is enter the total number of points you think there will be scored in the game.

So far the estimates have ranged from a low of 26 to a high of 75. The competition will remain open until the game kicks off and you can enter below..


We also asked how you will be watching the game and it looks like Irish employers have got right into the swing of supporting Ireland with 47 per cent of those who have entered so far telling us their employer has laid on a showing of the game.

Hats off then to Accenture, Irish Commercials, Dublin City Council Sport and Wellbeing Partnership, TG4, Special Olympics and many others who are taking a time out at 11.15.

Follow us on social media through the late morning and early afternoon and check out some of the social media tracking we wil be revealing there and here again tomorrow morning.

We will also be giving away a second jersey in the venue, again with thanks to Life Style Sports, as a prize to one lucky poster.

Come on Ireland!

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