Live From ‘FAI Day’ at Leinster House

Watch proceedings live from Committee Room 4 at Leinster House as the FAI delegation face questions from the Oireachtas Committee on Transport, Tourism and Sport.

President of the FAI Donal Conway has delivered his opening statement, including reference to a report from Grant Thornton which the Committee was clear about wanting to see but which was pushed back on as being an internal matter when that is concluded.

It was then down to John Delaney who said that he was making an opening statement.  This had not been notified to the Committee so time was taken for copies to be made and read by them.

Delaney spoke of the circumstances around the €100,000 payment to the FAI on April 27th 2017 and paid back on June 16th 2017.  He then said that on legal advice he was not in a position to answer any further questions about financial matters.

He made a pointed reference to ‘damaging and very personal’ comments made by members of the Committee.

Join us in the morning for a full review of what was said, what wasn’t said and what happens next.

Thanks for watching with us through the day