Live This Morning on Sporting Governance

Sport for Business was live this morning at the offices of our member Mason, Hayes & Curran for what turned out to be a lively and forthright discussion on sporting governance.

We  heard from Maura Quinn, CEO of the Institute of Directors, Deirdre Garvey, CEO of The Wheel, Niamh Callaghan a Partner at Mason, Hayes & Curran and from Dennis O’Connor, Director of 2Into3.

We probed the similarities and the differences between the sports sector and the charity sector, and looked at the similar path they appear to be following through a lessening of public trust, increased Government engagement and in the case of the charity sector much tighter regulation.

We looked at the potential impact on sport of a similar path or at whether self-regulation is still enough.

We took heed of our own snapshot survey of Sport for Business members’ views on the issue and of the breaking news that Sport Ireland is taking over the Governance Code for Sport that has built over the last ten years in relation to the voluntary, community and charity sectors.

We had six CEO’s from some of Ireland’s most popular sports mingling in the audience with others from the Business world that have experience and deep knowledge of the importance of good governance.

The aim of our Smart Minds Series of events is to open up debate and to help bring sides closer together. We look forward to doing that in this area today. We will update here after the event with select social media highlights and will have a full review on Monday morning in the Sport for Business Daily Digest.

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