Live This Morning on Sports Club Learning

Sports Clubs are the heart of our community but for much of 2020, they will be unable to provide sport as their main reason for existence.

This morning, May 14th, Sport for Business will gather interested parties from across the Sport for Business Membership to look at what can we do to bring learning and expertise to those who are running the clubs and help them through a period they could never have imagined.

Our aim is to build a series of online resources that clubs across multiple sports and with differing needs can sign into and learn during the time that would otherwise have been just too busy with training and matches.

We want it to appeal to GAA clubs and rugby clubs, to football clubs and gymnastics clubs, to basketball, swimming and athletics clubs, and to every other sporting club that is out there and looking for ways to survive and thrive.

This initial meeting will be to look at what kind of information we might deliver, at what times it would be most appropriate and at how we can make it into a meaningful ‘live’ experience for those who will join us.

The meeting will run for less than an hour and we will be publishing a paper afterwards looking at some of the potential outcomes.

If you are a Sport for Business member and would like to join us to learn more about this opportunity, register your interest here before 1030 AM

If you cannot make the morning but are interested in learning more about what might be offered please email quoting Sports Club Seminars in the subject line.

Check out our Live Sessions and Events coming up on Sport for Business

“Fair play you are doing a brilliant job of keeping us all informed and motivated”

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