Live This Morning with Sporting CEOs

We are live this morning between 11 and 12 with a panel of sporting CEO’s that have led the way on a return to sport this week.

Golf courses, tennis courts, equestrian centres, athletics clubs and rowing centres have unlocked their gates and welcomed members back.

We are grateful to Hamish Adams of Athletics Ireland, Michelle Carpenter of Rowing Ireland, Richard Fahey of Tennis Ireland and Ronan Murphy of Horse Sport Ireland who are joining us live and Mark Kennelly who is recording a piece prior to heading into a Board meeting.

We are also delighted to be joined by Paul McDermott of Sport Ireland who will talk to us about the new Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport Expert Group that has been established to advise on the return to activity in sport.

Our conversation will run through to approximately 1045 at which point we will open up the virtual floor for questions.

The ‘room’ will be filled with many of the leading players in sport and sponsorship as we look to discover the positives and the potential pitfalls that sport has dealt with in this first week back.

A highlights package from the event will be made available on the Sport for Business website after the event.

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