Live Webinar – Data and Measurement ion Great Sponsorship

The fourth Webinar in the Sport for Business Series will focus on Data and Measurement in the world of Sponsorship

On Thursday, April 9th at 1100 (Dublin Time) we will be joined by Noel Martyn, Intelligence Director of Core Sponsorship for an in-depth look at what needs to be measured in order to create a great sponsorship.

Data is everywhere and we know it is important but how do we value it and what are the areas that are most likely to generate real insight into how a campaign has worked and how it can be improved.

The session with Noel will last for a little over 30 minutes and be followed by the opportunity to take questions ‘from the floor’ in our virtual Webinar.

This follows on from the two very popular sessions we hosted with Core Sponsorship Deputy Managing Director Jamie Macken on other areas of sponsorship during the early days of the Sport for Business Webinar Series.

If you are having difficulty reserving your place above you can do so via this alternative.

The first 50 places at each of the Webinars are free for Members of the Sport for Business Community and we retain permanent seats for our Partner members.

Once those places are gone we will make spots available to non-members and late registrants at a nominal charge which we hope you will understand.

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