Live Webinar on Tackling Ethnicity

This week’s Live Webinar will focus on “Tackling Ethnicity in Sport” and we hope you will be able to join us.

The latest addition to our panel discussing the issues and sharing their experiences is Nadia Power an Irish International middle-distance runner who won European Bronze in 2019 and has her eyes on the Olympic Games.

She joins Shairoze Akram, one of our Sport for Business 30 under 30 for 2020 and an U21 All Ireland Football Championship winner with Mayo.

Ken McCue from Sport Against Racism Ireland will also join us as we look at ethnicity in sport and at finding ways that we as the Sport for Business community can challenge ourselves to make a real difference.

We will have a live Question and Answer session to enable you to have your view heard.

Speaking as part of Monday’s Sport for Business Interview, Ken McCue told us that “Racism is silent here, it is not the in your face racism that you see in the United States but it is here.”

Nobody away from the extremes will ever self identify as racist but it is in the quieter gestures and private conversations that the pervasive damage is done.

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I was walking away from a store on Saturday morning and there were three older men chatting.  They were talking about the Black Lives Matter protests in Dublin and how they should ‘get over themselves’, that they were doing a lot more harm in the wider population than was ever really done to them.

I stopped but wasn’t sure what to say.  The easy thing would have been to walk away and then just write about it.  Instead though, I took a step back and politely pointed out they were protesting against a murder that had been seen in all its dreadful and numbing brutality around the world.  They took it well and apologised for making light of it.

They are not bad people but the casual dismissal of something that happens ‘over there’ or to someone from outside their circle is part of the problem and if I had walked by then I would have been complicit.

We have to stand up and try this time to make a difference.  There is a huge, deep tradition of sport looking to change opinion on social issues.

This week we are looking at the ways that sports stars from Ireland, Britain and the US have done just that.

On Thursday let’s together figure out a way to keep on speaking out, to keep the issue to the fore, and not just let it fade away to the sidelines.

Register to join us for this event on Thursday, June 11th

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