Looking Back on Live Sponsorship Webinar

We hosted our first Live Webinar for Sport for Business members this morning and it proved to be a very popular session.

The recording of Jamie Macken’s Presentation and the following Question and answer session can be seen below and we are already looking forward to the second part on Thursday morning and then to building out additional live online content over the coming weeks.

An initial feedback survey has come back very positive with 54.8 per cent rating the content as excellent and 41.9 per cent as Very Good.

Some of the comments we got back included:

“Great knowledge share and a valuable use of time… a masterclass series would be a great online learning tool for all in the industry!”

“Quality of presentation was very good and setup of the webinar facilitated a great session.”

“Nice pace, perfect length, really well organised.”

With 96 per cent thinking that the 50 minutes was about right and four per cent thinking it was a bit short we think this is an optimum time in the current climate so that’s what you can expect from us in future sessions.

With an 86 Net Promoter Score on the session we think it was a pretty good start so thanks to all who were able to join us.

There are a limited number of places remaining for Thursday’s second part but they will likely be gone by Wednesday morning.

We will reveal the content for next week’s Live Webinars on Friday morning.

Here is the full list of those who were with us this morning.

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