Looking behind the Spotlight

Katie Taylor away from the spotlightThe Irish Sports Council has launched the journey.ie, an initiative which looks behind the spotlight at the preparation that goes into the making of a sporting champion.

The first subject in what is planned to become a series is Katie Taylor and there are three specially commissioned videos which aim to show the 364 days work that goes into one day in the public eye.

The videos are short and well suited to sharing.  They are professionally produced and edited but do capture the raw effort that Taylor and her support team puts in twice a day, six days a week, every week of the year.

Taylor herself voices the introductory video, talking about the Olympics being behind her now and the need to become stronger, faster, better in order to win international titles and defend her Olympic crown in four years time.

Your chest will swell as you watch the opening scenes and a favourite is sure to be the synchronised speed work done with a large group of other young members at the Bray Boxing Club.

The first video concludes with the lines that ‘Some do it for the money.  Some do it for the fame.  Some do it for the rest of us.’  It’s a noble sentiment and one that essentially summarises the reason behind why it is important to invest in sport.

The second video is an interview with Pete Taylor that gives a coaching perspective which will have value across the sporting spectrum and the third is a head eye sequence of what it must be like visually to step into the ring.  This works less well than the other two but does have a draw similar to the ‘game’ psychology that is so important in shared content online.

It’s a good initiative and will be interesting to follow as the Sports Council moves away from the less obvious candidates.

There is no commercial partnership involved at the moment but this is an area which may be developed as the value of the content is established.  If you are interested in knowing a little more about the project please do get in touch and we will make the connection.

Key take away for Sport: Live sporting content is the main driver of engagement but bite size chunks of behind the scenes footage can be of real value in building the story of those who a commercial partner will want to see as an ambassador for their brand.

Key Take away for Business: You should explore every vantage point from which the sport you are involved with is likely to be seen.  Subtle branding in the style of a whisper rather than a shout will reinforce your association to best effect

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