Lunching and Learning with Members

It may have been the last opportunity to do so for a few weeks but we were delighted yesterday to conduct a ‘lunch and learn’ session on the subject of sponsorship with the team at Fleishman Hillard in Dublin.

This is an offering that is available to our Partner and Gold Members where we will come and talk about trends in sponsorship and how they are relevant to the work that you might be undertaking.

We use examples from Ireland and around the world to illustrate to the power of a great campaign and also point out the difference that can come from small as well as the largets of campaigns.

It is an opportunity to share some elements of what we have learned through working with so many great partners down the last eight years.

It always seems to go down well with the different individuals from across an organisation that might never have fully appreciated the power that goes into sponsorship.

Each session is different and tailored to the individual audience.

Yesterday’s group numbered 15 including Tara Harrison, pictured above, Neal Cummins, Darragh Collins, Julian Davis and Amy Lynch, who has recently joined Fleishman as a client manager and was one of our high flying 30 under 30 back in 2018 while working at Aviva.

It is always good to get to meet the teams behind the campaigns and we would love to do more of it when we get back to a normal life, hopefully in a couple of weeks time.

If you would like to start making tentative plans for when that happens, get in touch and let’s put it on the agenda if not quite yet in the diary.

Image Credit: Sport for Business

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