Mayo Rumours Swirl in Vacuum

Sky Sports brought its popular roadshow to Kilmacud Crokes in Dublin last night where Damien Lawlor was in the chair in discussion with Peter Canavan, Senan Connell, James Horan, Colm Keys and Cora Staunton.

Staunton was the one at the centre of her own story being part of the mass player walk out from the Mayo panel ahead of Sunday’s TG4 Ladies Football Championship match against Cavan but she was keeping her lips tightly sealed on the reasons behind the row and whether or not it was likely to be resolved.

Mayo Ladies Football County Board issued a statement backing the Manager, Peter Leahy, yesterday but all other parties were keeping quiet. The side will play Dublin in three weeks time in a repeat of last year’s All Ireland Final but only five of the team that started that day will do so on Sunday. The match will be televised live on TG4.

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The row appears to be very personal with Michael McHale, one of the selectors and his daughter Fiona, vice-captain of the team among the group to have walked away.

They also include Captain Sarah Tierney and all the members of the All Ireland winning Club team Carnacon.

There are a number of rumours swirling around about the reasons and it would probably be wise to have it out in public sooner rather than later.

Without the Men’s team in action, the Ladies are the undivided centre of attention in Mayo and it has in the past year been an area from which wild rumours about players health have taken hold.

Gossip only loves a vacuum, but rarely does any good.

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