McGinley Inside The Ropes


The Sunday Business Post carried a major interview with Golfer Paul McGinley over the weekend focusing on the next phase of his career and how that was likely to include a strong focus on developing business opportunities.

McGinley spoke with Sunday Business Post journalist Barry Whyte while over in Dublin for the Inside The Ropes event hosted by the European Tour and the Rory Foundation.

This was the first stage of a new initiative by the Tour to develop deeper and stronger relationships with commercial partners of the Tour and the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open.

McGinley and Tony McCoy were interviewed on stage by Rob Hartnett of Sport for Business and spent time with some of Ireland’s leaders from within the sporting and business communities at the Dean Hotel in Dublin.

In the interview over the weekend there is a strong focus on how he recognised and began the move from one phase of his career to the next.

“He began to think about life after golf, what he might do, and how he might get there. It’s a familiar phase in any professional sportsperson’s life, and such an interregnum – the period between one era and the next, the playing career and the post-playing career – has been navigated by many athletes in the past, with varying degrees of success.”

You can read the full article on the Sunday Business Post here, and a review of Inside the Ropes here.

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Image Credit: Maura Hickey, Sunday Business Post

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