McGregor Swinging at Pendulum

You have to hand it to Frankie Sheehan and the pendulum Summit.  The conclusion to yesterday’s first day was certainly not something you could have planned for.

After a keynote interview with Alan Shortt, Virgin Founder Richard Branson was joined on stage by Conor McGregor.  At first, McGregor was wearing a black shirt – ever the villain in some eyes – and Branson was in white.

Within minutes though both were stripped to the waist and shaping up to each other in a piece of sporting and business pantomime that will live long in the memory.

Sport was a consistent theme through the day with Bob Rotella using his experience as a sports psychologist to encourage us to ignore good in favour of great and to continually look at possibilities rather than probabilities.

Sales expert Jack Daly said that sporting teams were a better example of how to run a business than most businesses, focusing on getting things right, having the people they relied upon best prepared to go do their job and having a consistent playbook.

There were plenty of sporting stars at the event as well with Dublin’s All Ireland Winners bringing Sam Maguire to the party through AIG’s presence.


Image Credit: Dan Sheridan, Inpho Photography


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