McGregor’s Inimitable Take on “Lockdown. United.”

Ok so it is a little ‘out there’ but with so many of our sporting stars taking to social media to encourage social distancing and helping with physical challenges and activities, it was perhaps not unexpected that Conor McGregor would join them.

Few others started with an address to ‘My People, my Nation’ but here is a lad who knows a “good tough fight when he sees one.”

Units of police and military to be deployed to built-up areas goes a little beyond advice to wash hands and stay two metres apart, but we do need to reach out to areas of society and groups that might not necessarily heed the words of politicians. It has been viewed over 300,000 times on twitter alone so it is reaching an audience.

“Let’s go Ireland, Let’s go the rest of the World. Lockdown. United. Together we’ve got this. God bless us all.”

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Image credit: The MacLife on twitter

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