McIlroy’s Valuable Indifference

rory-mcilroy-golf-2017“At the end of the day the person swinging the club is more important than the club itself.”

Rory McIlroy tends to shoot from the hip when it comes to press conferences.  It’s an endearing quality which does help keep him front and centre stage when so many sporting comments pre or post tournament are somewhat dull and uninspiring.

It wil be interesting to see whether his comments about the relative unimportance of which clubs he is using make him more or less attractive to suppliers like Callaway and Titleist now that he is switching away from Nike after their withdrawal from the market.

He wil play this week in his first tournament of the year in South Africa using a mix of both those brands and says that he may well mix and match for a while until he settles on the right combination.

The comment could well act as a form of reverse psychology.  By professing he doesn’t really rate one brand name over another he raises the importance of what the clubs actually do for him and his game.

That makes his decision even more valuable for whichever ones he chooses in the end because the mass market will see it as a choice based on quality rather than commercial dollars.

Isn’t that some position to be in.

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