Meeting The Minister

The Leadership of Irish Sporting organisations will meet with Minister of State for Sport Brendan Griffin later today to get an overview of the National Sports policy and hear about the timetable for implementation of its different elements.

The meeting will take place at the Sport Ireland National Sports campus and has been pulled together by Mary O’Connor, CEO of the Federation of Irish Sport.

The National Sports policy was launched in July and the next major deadline is October 25th when the Sports Leadership Group is to have been appointed. It will then have nine months before reporting to Government on the best way of implementing the 57 action points that the Policy contains.

The three key areas the Policy covers are that overall participation in sport is to rise from 43 percent to 50 percent of the population, an equivalent of 260,000 additional people taking part in sport.

More targeted high-performance funding is to be made available to lift the number of medals at Olympic and Paralympic Games from the 13 achieved in Rio to a target of 20 at Los Angeles in 2028.

This does mean that funding will be spent more in some sports than others and introduce more of a merit and evidence basis to the distribution of the finite pot. This will please some and leave others on the sideline but sport understands the nature of competition and the aim of winning.

The third key goal is that all funded sports bodies and this rolls all the way through to clubs, will be in compliance with the Governance Code for the Community, Voluntary and Charity Sector.

We are only seven days away from the announcement of the 2019 budget but that is still in a state of flux and will not be on the agenda for this afternoon.

Today is about the longer term and the bigger picture than a single year of funding. Rob Hartnett of Sport for Business will be there in his capacity as Chair of the Dublin City Sport and Wellbeing Partnership.

Sport for Business will host Partners ’19 in April of next year, a special half-day conference highlighting the world of sponsorship in sport and including practical sessions on how sporting bodies can upskill to attract interest from the corporate sector.  If you are interested to know more email us today quoting Partners 2019 in the subject line.



Image Credit: Tommy Dickson,

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