Money Day for Irish Sport

Today is a big day in terms of money in sport with two simultaneous briefings looking at the Financial Report of the GAA for 2018, and the disbursement of Sport Ireland funding to National Governing Bodies, Local Sports Partnerships and international carded athletes.

Sport for Business will bring you detailed coverage and analysis of both with more than €100 million of revenue and expenditure to be laid out.

Sport Ireland gained an increase in funding from €57.9 million in 2018 to €64.5 million this year. That is the sum to be divided up today between core funding of the National Governing Bodies, High Performance programmes in a critical pre-Olympic year for many, and through local sports partnerships across the country.

While that is being outlined at the Sport Ireland National Indoor Arena on one side of the city the GAA will reveal the annual income and expenditure across all units of the association.

It is always an open and transparent look at the money which has come in and how that has been disbursed to provinces, counties and clubs.

Join us tomorrow morning for detailed analysis of both.


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