Moynihan’s Helping Hand from Mount Juliet


Gavin Moynihan’s rise through the ranks of golf and his dramatic winning last week of a place on the European Tour has come about at the same time as he started a relationship with the Mount Juliet Estate in Kilkenny.

A longtime visitor to the course the relationship became stronger with Moynihan acting as an ambassador for the estate during 2017.

“For us having an individual with the talent that Gavin has using the facilities and speaking so highly of the Estate, is a real positive,” said Director of Golf Matt Sandercock.

“With the investments that have been made to the course and academy, it is an ideal setting for Gavin to work on his game in the off weeks without any further distractions.”

“He will be practicing out of here and it will be great to receive his feedback on a regular basis.”

“It is also a very strong bonus for the members and especially the junior members to get to see the likes of Gavin using the facilities, and to be able to learn from him in terms of the dedication and the hard work that goes into reaching the standard he has.”

“The relationship will only get stronger with the facilities and standard of the course we have here for Gavin to work on his game. He can feel comfortable in his surroundings here and work on his game where he knows the course and academy are of a standard he will be experiencing week in week out on the European Tour.”

Moynihan was backed by Team Ireland Golf throughout the year with some cash and most importantly invitations to play in key events.

When he birdied the final hole of his qualifying tournament to secure his European Tour Card those were the moments of experience that mattered most.

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