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Donegal footballer Michael Murphy is across all media this morning after an open session yesterday to promote his appearance in the final part of the repeat of AIB’s The Toughest trade on Virgin Media on Monday night.

Murphy took to the rugby fields of France when the series was originally filmed and made quite the impression on his coaches and temporary teammates.

He’s had plenty more on his mind over recent months and just this week has opened up his sports shop in Letterkenny.

“You’re trying to keep staff happy, and, at the moment, with the lack of footfall coming through the door it’s probably more difficult to go back to absolutely full staffing hours.”

“But I hope and I believe that we’re going to get there and get the staff that we had with us before this pandemic back up and going and get the town of Letterkenny back up and moving again and get the county back up and going again.”

He’s also looking forward to throwing himself into the world of Club football.

“It seems at the moment over this short period from what we’re half-hearing or speculating, it’s going to be club for a certain period and then it’s going to be county for a certain period,” he said speaking to John Harrington on

“So in the back of my head as a footballer it gives you the opportunity to throw yourself at that club for a certain period, move on, throw yourself at the county for a certain period.”

“Whereas in a normal season it seems to be grey, it seems to be intertwined throughout, and you’re making decisions on a weekly, two-week basis, about will I be able to play that club league game with an inter-county game on the next week or will I be able to play a League game the week after an inter-county game.

“Because the two are merged together you’re making ongoing decisions. Whereas potentially with the rest of this current season there will be an opportunity to really throw yourself at both of them individually.”


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Image Credit: Ramsey Cardy, Sportsfile

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