National Dairy Council Backing Campus Kids

The National Dairy Council have expanded their association with sport by sponsoring the Sport Ireland National Sports Campus Kids Camps this year.

Over 4000 children are expected to participate in the camps over the summer holidays gaining an introduction to up to 20 different sports available on the campus from Gymnastics to swimming and cricket to archery.

“We are thrilled to have the National Dairy Council on board for our Kids Camps,” said Aidan McDevitt, Marketing and Sales Manager with the National Sports Campus.

“The camps are improving and evolving every year as more and more quality facilities are opening on campus, and as we engage with National Governing Bodies to introduce kids to a range of sports that they might not normally get exposure to.”

“We have five types of camps running over the year – Multisport kids camps, Teen camps, Inclusive camps, Gymnastics and Diving Camps.”

“As part of this new partnership, the National Dairy Council will engage with the kids and parents with information booklets and talks, with a special focus on healthy packed lunches for kids while they’re on camp.”

“Having a healthy, balanced diet and keeping active are such important habits to instill in children for their overall health now and into the future,” added Caroline O’Donovan, a nutritionist with the NDC.

“The National Dairy Council is delighted to sponsor the Sport Ireland summer camps at the Sport Ireland National Sports Campus, which encourage children and teenagers to participate in physical activity in a fun environment.”

“These popular camps provide the ideal opportunity to educate participants on the natural goodness of dairy as part of a balanced diet.”

The National Dairy Council was a long time sponsor of the Rás in cycling and has also dipped in and out of involvement with different programmes including RTÉ’s radio coverage of the 2015 Rugby World Cup in England and the 2016 Irish Times Sports Club of the Year.

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