National Policy on Sport Published Today

It has been a while in the making but today will see the publication of the Government’s new ten year National Policy on Sport.

Ministers Shane Ross and Brendan Griffin will unveil the Policy in Dublin and Sport for Business will be there to bring you all the information and the tone as to how Sport is likely to sit in the national consciousness at policy level as well as the more visceral sense of watching and taking part.

It will set the tone for how Sport Ireland encourages and enables different sporting bodies to deliver at performance as well as participation level.

It will create a benchmark of how sport fits into the national dialogue on health, wellbeing and education.

It will paint a picture of how we will see ourselves in terms of sport over the next decade.

We hope and believe it will foster greater collaboration among Government Departments in Health and Education as well as Sporting bodies.

There will be a lot of detail to digest but it will be important to do so and to see where the future lies in terms of how we as a society treat and benefit from a sporting culture that is given due prominence and importance.

We can’t wait…

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