NBC Coverage Sets Ad Record

The Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang has already broken the record for the biggest advertising spend ever on the Winter Games with US Broadcaster NBC.

So far some $900 Million has been spent on advertising through its prime TV coverage and its more diverse social and online channels.

This is in contrast to Rio where guarantees of coverage were not met and left NBC having to give away extra ad inventory to its biggest customers to make good on the numbers.

Another important element of the success to date of the Korean Games is that 60 percent of the advertising has been to new customers, removing the reliance on stalwarts like Procter and Gamble who according to sources in the US are trimming their spend.

NBC is producing 2,400 hours of coverage from Korea including 1,800 hours of live streaming of events from the rinks and mountains.

The average primetime audience for the Games coverage is 22 million at the moment, and the timing of the game’s activities is suiting a late evening audience. With the next two Olympic Games in Tokyo (Summer 2020) and Beijing (Winter 2022), this is an important factor.

RTÉ Sport which is broadcasting nightly highlights programmes is also expressing satisfaction with the numbers being reached.

Yesterday we caught up with Darren Frehill who is heading up the coverage from Pyeongchang alongside Clare McNamara.

You can read our interview with Frehill here.

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