Sunday Business Post Column

We have kicked off a new weekly Sport for Business column in the Sunday Business Post.

Each week we will look at an aspect of how the commercial and sporting worlds are coming together.  We will look at the benefits this brings and at the challenges it presents.

The world of sport is one in which values are held dear but the value of which itself is of increasing importance to commercial partners.

Where does the line fall between a partnership which enables greater access to sport at grassroots level, and one which creates problems of integrity and trust.

It is a constantly evolving debate and we will do our best to keep you ahead of the game in making the right calls on what to do as a business within sport, as a sport looking to attract business partners, and as citizens of the digital world who want ever more of what sport has to offer.

Odds On or Offside?

Championship TV Battles

We hope you will join us on Sunday for our latest column looking at the redevelopment under way at the Curragh Racecourse.

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