New Injury Access for Leinster League

The Beacon Hospital has launched a new sports medicine initiative with the Leinster Senior Football providing the same level of medical care following an injury that would be available to players at professional level.

All players who are injured in training or matches will now have greater access to the best of medical treatment that is available.

Previously, access to treatment for injured players in the Leinster Senior Football League could take a significant amount of time and be costly in many cases. Now, players injured during LSL training or match will have quick access to internationally renowned sports medicine experts at Beacon Hospital.

Both JLT and AIG have signed up as insurance partners on the programme, so the bulk of injury-related medical expenses will be covered, reducing costs for players.

This is part of a growing trend towards alignment of medical treatment to the insurance provider you are with, as witnessed most evidently with access to the VHI Swiftcare clinics being at a reduced cost or often exclusive to those who are insured by VHI,

The public health system remains available to all but with pressure on staffing and time, the case of sporting injuries, as opposed to life threatening illness, can come down the line in terms of priority.

Dr Alan Byrne is a Consultant in Sports and Exercise Medicine at Beacon Hospital as well as being the FAI’s Chief Medical Officer and was on hand with Damien Duff and John Giles as well as JLT Partner Amanda Horton to launch the new deal yesterday at the National Sports Campus in Abbotstown.


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