Next Stage for Women in Sport

A special gathering took place last night at the offices of Wilson Hartnell in Dublin City Centre. Representatives from sporting organisations, politics, business and more came together at the invitation of the Olympic Council of Ireland and the Federation of Irish Sport to look at how we can turn words into actions in pursuit of equality for Women in Sport.

It is a cause close to our hearts and an initiative we are fully backing at Sport for Business.

Much has been achieved as we highlighted during two key events last week in which we were involved with Liberty Insurance and RTÉ.

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That said there remains a massive gap between the ways in which sport is supported and engaged with based on gender.

It’s the kind of gap that once existed when it came to having a say in politics. It’s a gap which still exists across a range of activities from salaries in the workplace, to representation in the media and more.

The way to bridge the gap is not just to look, shake your head and say that someone else will fix it.

Neither is it to look at the bigger issues and think they are too big for one person to make a difference.

Our role within society is to challenge the things we feel are wrong and do whatever we can to make them right.

Last night was about capturing experience and ideas. It was the first step of the next stage of a journey that has been underway for a long time but which has gathered significant momentum over the past five years.

It’s exciting to be there. It will be a time if we get this right, that we will look back upon and feel it was a thing worth doing.

With powerful Women like Sarah Keane, Mary O’Connor, Sarah O’Connor Evanne Ní Chuillin and so many more, supported by men who realise that a fair approach is the best way for all.

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Image Credit: Marc O’Sullivan

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