Nike Records Major Sales Boost

Nike Sales over the Labour Day Weekend and ahead of the opening weekend of the NFL were substantially up on the corresponding period last year according to research from US analysts Edison Trends.

“Nike’s 2018 late summer sales show much the same trend as last year’s, with order volume decreasing slightly going into late August,” according to the analysts.

“The similarity decreases coming out of Labor Day Weekend, however, with sales seeing a bigger bump on Monday and Tuesday than in the past.”

“Following Nike’s Monday afternoon debut of the latest iteration of their “Just Do It” campaign, featuring Colin Kaepernick, fan discontent and boycott threats have grabbed headlines – and even commentary from the President. But the research confirms that, at least for now, the company is suffering no negative repercussions in sales.”

“Both this year and last year, online sales of Nike products across the web hit a low point on Sunday of Labor Day weekend, rising again on Monday and Tuesday. But this year, they climbed 31% between Sunday and Tuesday, besting 2017’s 17%.”

The brand took over as the official kit supplier to the NFL from Reebok in 2012 and earlier this year signed an extension through to 2028.

Donald Trump may not like what the brand is doing in supporting Kaepernick but it does not appear to be having any negative impact at all on the brand’s popularity.

With Kaepernick and Serena Williams on the roster you’d think that might be enough controversy for one season but here is the lates video in the 30th Anniversary campaign for the ‘Just Do It’ Slogan featuring South African runner Caster Semenya…

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