No Minister. Shane Ross Bids Farewell.

It was a weekend of drama in political circles and this morning it would be a brave commentator that would say for certain who will form the next Government.

We do know however, that the outgoing Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Shane Ross will not be part of it having been one of the highest profile casualties.

Ross’s tenure at the department was bookended by Pat Hickey and the Olympic Council scandal at one end and John Delaney and UEFA at the other.

Both elevated sport’s importance in political terms beyond what might have been expected.  It has to be some credit to him, having been in charge in political terms, that neither scandal brought down those institutions, despite that seeming to be likely.

He also oversaw the publication of the National Policy on Sport which over a period of ten years will see a doubling of investment and a continued elevation of the idea of sport as being of major importance to the nation.

He has been front and centre stage of winning sporting stars in a way not seen since Charlie Haughey’s celebration of Stephen Roche winning the tour de France back when we were all younger.

Fine Gael have lost a number of seats but each of the last three Ministers of State with responsibility for sport made it through unscathed with Michael Ring and Patrick O’Donovan elected yesterday and Brendan Griffin almost certain to be so later today as the count resumes in Kerry.

It will be a while yet before we know who his successor will be at the department but for now let us bid farewell to Shane Ross and thank him for his service.


Image Credit: Virgin Media

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